My Current Healing Ritual | To Cultivate Thoughts, Ideas and Realisations

Now is the perfect opportunity to work on yourself and I’m currently going through a process of healing.

While there is a lot of work that’s going on in the background, and so many things that I still need to learn, I thought I’d share a ritual that’s been working for me.

This is a classic form of self-care and I’m not saying that it’ll work for everyone. This should certainly not be used in replacement of professional help, so please talk to someone if you’re struggling – resources are at the end of this post.

Instead, this little ritual is a way I return to myself at the end of everyday.

It gives me the breathing space I need to collect my thoughts, understand my feeling and grow.


What You Need:

  • One bath, big enough to lay down in comfortably
  • Bath salts of any kind – I love Epsom salts, personally
  • A random mixture of bubble bath, shower gels and products
  • Your uplifting music playlist

I mentioned recently that I rediscovered my love for music, once I’d taken the pressure off myself to be ‘cool’ and listen to new stuff. I’ve recently curated a collection of what I refer to as ‘Soul Songs’ and it’s honestly changing my life.

This playlist is a range of songs that I have loved for a long time, and it’s a mixture of all genres. It’s cheesy and uplifting and something I’m constantly adding too.

I’d recommend you creating a playlist of songs that make you feel like yourself, those songs that you might forget about but love, and the ones that make you happy. If you don’t know where to start, you can always use pre-made playlists before finding what you like.

Depending on how busy my mind is, I might choose to listen to instrumental music – which can either be ballet, meditation or ‘spa’ music based on my mood. Sometimes I have nothing at all.

The healing aspect of this ritual comes in the fact that I just sit in the bath for as long as I need, thinking and singing and being in my body.

Sometimes I won’t think about anything in particular or I’m so focused on the music that I can’t think of anything. But other times I’ll have full-on epiphanies, think about the past and how it’s effected me, or process what’s happened during the day.

As a creative person, I’ve also found that a lot of good ideas come to me in the bath.

Unfortunately, I don’t always remember these ideas by the time I get out and within reach of a notebook but I think it’s a good exercise for my mind regardless!

This ritual relates to the quiet time I was begging you to take in my last post.

We just need space to let our minds wander freely, to see what comes up.

For some people, the best place to do this is in the bath, for others it’s in nature (as known as forest bathing). You might find that you enjoy quiet time when on public transport or sitting outdoors with a cup of tea.

Wherever you enjoy it, make sure you give yourself some time to be still.

As I said in that last post, you’ll be surprised what comes up when you just allow yourself to be – I know I was and I’m constantly being surprised by what’s going on inside my brain.

Even if I come out of this ritual with no new ideas or epiphanies or realisations, my body feels clean and soft; my mind is soothed and at rest; and my soul feels nourished.

It’s best to do this kind of bathing ritual at night, close to the time you go to sleep as it’s relaxing and can improve your sleep if you don’t over do it.

What self-care ritual is your favourite right now?

Speak soon,


Photo by Hanna Postova on Unsplash


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