Force or Flow: How Are You Working Right Now?

Going with the flow is something I say a lot, but I find it very hard to do in practice.

I’m someone who likes to have a plan, to have things figured out, before I try them because I get too overwhelmed otherwise.

While this mindset can be useful in some areas, my eyes are currently being opened to the importance of going with the flow sometimes. How important it can be to take your hand off the wheel for a moment and allow yourself to move freely without direction.

With a current focus on spirituality for me, I’m learning that having trust and faith in what is in store can do wonders.

There have been points in my life – such as quitting my job with no backup plan – where going with the flow has been the best thing I could have ever done.

Others however, require some more planning and control.

I often struggle to find the right balance of force and flow – having trouble to determine which areas of my life could do with me loosening my grip a little, verses those that need more attention.

How you do work out what to do?

Right now, I’ve been given a break from the universe. This is a slow period for me where I currently have no deadlines to deal with, no commitments going on and obviously nothing I can be doing due to the current circumstances.

I think this is a sign from something that I need to loosen my grip on everything that I try to control and micromanage out of fear or uncertainty.

Having a short period without control or focus feels scary, but I know that it will ultimately lead to where I need to be.

It could be the same for you too.

Stay safe, and be gentle with yourself.

Speak soon,


Photo by Luke Besley on Unsplash

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