Opening Up The Soul… At The Cost Of The Body?

I’ve recently been exploring spirituality and intuition, and I have to say that I’m really happy to be on this journey right now.

After spending time reading self-help books, listening to podcasts and following other people’s advice I’ve started to notice patterns within myself. The more I learn about myself, the more open I’m feeling – which in turn leads to more lessons and realisations.

However, as I’m spending time doing ‘soul work’, as I like to call it, I can’t help notice that my emotions are now presenting themselves in other ways.

One of the biggest emotions I’m experiencing is stress.

Sure, we’re living in strange times right now and I know that the current events are putting more pressure on us all. For many of us, we may not even be aware of the impact that this lockdown is having on us (guilty as charged!) but that doesn’t stop us experiencing issues related to the stress around us and within us.

As I’m working on my heart and mind at the moment, I’m starting to notice stress and tension within my body.

My sleep pattern is not what it used to be and I’m finding myself feeling drained everyday.

There is a constant ache in my shoulders, back and thighs – almost as though I’ve been wound so tightly that my body is struggling to stretch out to it’s natural shape. 

These are signs of stress for me and I know that they’re a product of the current situation, but what I do find interesting is the fact that now I’m focusing on what is going on with me internally my body has also found a way to make it’s presence known to me.

As I’m learning how to listen to myself, both my soul and body are creating ways for me to notice them.

Like I said, the stress issues could be a product of the current circumstances and I know a lot of what I’ve been experiencing over these past few weeks is directly related to this. But there are some other things that have been showing themselves, especially since I’ve started this deliberate focus on soul work, that I can’t ignore.

Working on yourself is hard and this is something I have said multiple times on this blog.

But getting really intentional with it, like deliberately creating routines and rituals for you to simply be in your mind and body to see what’s going on, is even harder.

Not only is the work that you do in these times difficult (whether that’s journalling, meditating, reading self-help books), but the impact is too – and that lasts longer than anything.

Today has been more on track, thank goodness. But now I’m feeling it in my body.

Yet my soul feels energised and excited to keep going.

Lockdown isn’t something that we would have ever have wished upon ourselves had we the foresight to see what it would do, but I certainly believe that now we’re in it – with no other choice – there can be some benefits to this time in isolation.

How are you spending this time? Are you also working on yourself?

I’d love to hear your findings in the comments.

Speak soon,


I don’t really want to justify what I’m doing on my blog, but to anyone reading this you might have noticed a slight shift in the way I write and what I’m writing about. 

As much as I want this space to be professional and successful one day, the way I’ve been focusing on these aspects in the past has made me lose the love and excitement that typically comes with writing. For now, I’m just going to write what I want, when I want and speak from the heart. 

I hope you manage to find some value in this.

Photo by Fa Barboza on Unsplash



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