Things To Do At Home | Advice On Social Distancing From A Hermit Who Works From Home

As many people on the internet have said, the world is on fire at the moment and I know you’re all are too aware of it.

Without going too far into this topic, because I think we all need a break from it, a lot of people are having to spend more time than they’d like in their homes. As a hermit, introvert and someone who works from home I am both confused by people’s reluctance to stay inside and I also sympathise.

It can be hard and boring to spend all of your days inside the same setting, which is why I have created this bumper list of thing to do when you’re quarantined.

While I’m not quite at that stage myself yet (thank goodness!), I will be spending even more time in the house than I normally do – because, you know, safety – so this list can help us both out.

A great thing about the following activities is they are FREE so we really have no excuse.


  • Read – everyone must have at least one book, magazine or article lying around somewhere that they’ve not gotten to yet
  • Binge a TV show or film series – you know the one everyone has been talking about and you just haven’t had the time for it?
  • Start a blog, YouTube channel, podcast or Instagram page
  • Do an at-home spa day – try to use up some of the lotions and potions you have lying around and have some me-time!
  • Plan outfits for when you can finally go outside again – I love using Pinterest for inspiration and seeing what I have that will work
  • Play with makeup – try looks you would never normally go for, as no one is going to see you right now
  • Deep clean your space – which includes finally mopping the floor, dusting your trinkets and changing the sheets
  • Spend a day exploring your childhood favourites, including books, TV shows and movies for the nostalgia
  • Try an online course – a lot of companies are now providing offers due to the amount of people being stuck indoors or you could try something free that a blogger has made
  • Update all of your social media – change your bio and profile picture for a fresh new feel
  • Declutter your social media feeds – get rid of anyone you don’t know, don’t like or don’t care about and follow new, inspiring people
  • Reorganise your space – move furniture around, mix up your decor and get some prints to brighten up the walls. You could even declutter if you feel like it
  • Video call loved ones who you haven’t/won’t see in a while
  • Try a recipe you’ve always fancied – even I, as a terrible cook, have a couple of things I want to try making so I’m sure you do too!
  • Do an at-home workout either from YouTube or the classic fitness DVD – dancing around your room to music counts too
  • Take some time to journal and reflect on your thoughts – this will be interesting to read once this whole thing is over
  • Update your budget and go through bills or tax documents – which is boring, but you might as well get ahead while you have time
  • Create playlists of music for different moods and occasions
  • Spend some time searching Spotify, YouTube or other websites to find new artists to listen to and binge their albums
  • Create various Pinterest boards for inspiration in all aspects of life – for example, I have one for fashion, one for makeup looks and one for my dream house one day
  • Find old CDs, tapes or vinyls that you have at home and listen to at least one in full
  • Binge listen to an entire podcast series – or you could listen to the backlog of your current favourites, which is what I’m doing with Wine and Crime right now
  • Organise and create an important documents file – make sure everything you need is in one place for when the world goes back to normal
  • Make an afternoon tea for yourself and those at home using the things you have at home – if tea isn’t your thing, then make yourself a fancy coffee and create a coffee shop experience, using music and posh coffee, and actually enjoy the drink you’ve made
  • Reach out to someone you admire online and start a conversation – this is how I’ve recently made a good friend who is local to me and such an inspiration, so why not try it yourself?
  • Catch up on sleep – and don’t feel guilty about it!

I understand that this is a scary time for everyone, but why not try to make the best of it and have fun at home! There are so many things you can do if you take the time to think about it and in times like these, distraction can be the best thing to do.

I hope you’re safe and well, friends. Please tell me how you’re doing and how you’ll be spending this time.

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Speak soon,


Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

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