Learning To Take Your Own Advice

Those who have been to this blog before know that I like to dole out the occasional bit of advice.

Whether I’m talking about self-care, mental heath, personal development or even just having a rant I like to try give out some little pieces of wisdom that might be able to help both you and I get to where we want to be.

One of my latest posts was talking about feeling overwhelmed. I took some time during this post to talk about the fact that my life had become a little busier than I’m used to since 2020 started and it’s taking me some time to get used to.

That overwhelm hasn’t really gone away and I need to admit to myself that I cannot do it all.

I’m loving creating content on a regular basis for this blog and my new Instagram account, but this is something I’m really struggling to balance alongside the influx of freelance work I’ve been dealing with recently.

So even though I do have plans for this blog and some ideas for where I want it to go, I can’t quite get the balance right.

I’m just taking a moment today to ask you to bear with me.

I’m really trying my best here, but I need to accept that I can’t actually do that unless I give myself the one thing I really need – time.

I’ve recommended rest in the past for various different things and it’s something I’m always encouraging my loved ones to do as well.

Rest is required for anything you want to do and I need to accept that I cannot be productive unless I take my own advice on this.

I want to keep writing for this blog and I’m hoping to do so, I just need to find a new balance for my current schedule.

For those of you reading this who are also dealing with a lot of things right now, please listen to me and your body by taking a break. There is no shame in asking for help, whether that is asking for an extension on work, taking a sick day or simply sharing your feeling with a loved on.

Do yourself a favour and just take it easy. A day off will not ruin your future plans and there is plenty of time for you to get back into those good routines you’re making for yourself.

Speak soon,


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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