Frightened To Unfollow?| Let’s Chat About Social Media Loyalty

I have been spending a bit of time away from social media over the past month or so.

Normally, I waste far too much time scrolling through Instagram or Twitter and I just decided to stop it for a while. I don’t have the apps on my phone anymore and I haven’t really missed it to be honest with you.

Over this weekend, I found myself logging back onto Instagram just to see what was going on and I felt so bored with it.

We’ve talked about it before, but I’m a nosy person so I used to love going on Instagram to get an insight into other people’s lives for a bit.

But when I logged on this weekend, I found that I just didn’t care.

Now that’s nothing against the people I follow, I think I’m just going through a phase at the moment. I love social media and I think it’s a great tool but I’m just not into it right now.

I don’t care what that person had for breakfast, or where they’ve been on holiday, or what their politic views are, or how in love they are.

Right now, I’m finding that I’m so focused on myself and what I want out of life that I really don’t care about what’s going on with strangers on the internet.

A Word On Unfollowing

Since I found myself in a bit of a slump with Instagram, I decided I take this time to declutter my feed so I could see content that I really cared out.

Now I love a declutter, but I found myself feeling kind of weird about unfollowing people I used to know and people I’ve been following for ages.

Then I had to have a word with myself, because what does it matter if I’m following someone or not?

There is this mentality when it comes to social media that claims we all need to be present. If you’re not in the loop, then you’re certainly going to be missing out on something major.

I feel like this is the same with the people you follow. All of this talk about the ‘algorithm’ and losing followers makes you (well, me) feel like we owe these people something. Like I need to stick around to show support or that I care.

Let that just sink in for a minute. I genuinely thought I owed the people I follow on social media, the people who have no idea who I am, a piece of me. I thought that I had to ‘be there’ and stay up to date on all of this pointless data when really, I just don’t care. 

Sure, I felt more mean unfollowing or deleting people that I know in real life as opposed to the influencers I’ve collected over the years, but at the end of the day what does it matter?

If I’m not into what you’re posting or I wouldn’t say hello to you in the street, why do I need to be updated with the minute details of your life?

Social media is something that should be customised to you. You shouldn’t feel like you have to keep track of that person or that brand if you really don’t want to.

There is no loyalty in social media because it isn’t necessary. Do yourself a favour and do a social media declutter – or, if you’re really up to it, a total detox. Give yourself more room to think about what really matters.

I know this is coming across as a bit of a rant but to be honest I’m more annoyed at myself for developing this kind of thought pattern!

Do you feel guilty for unfollowing?

Speak soon,





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