Cancelled Plans? Here’s What To Do Instead

As an introvert, I normally enjoy time to myself.

However, when this time comes up unexpectedly I never know what to do with myself. It normally takes quite a lot of time for me to gather up the energy for a social event, so cancelled plans disappoint me.

This is especially true if they come up last minute.

But after the whinging and the disappointment has passed, I’ve learned that cancelled plans can actually be such a blessing. They can be a great opportunity for you to get some things done you’ve been putting off or simply have some well deserved me-time.

After all, you’ve already carved this time out for something so you might as well use it!

Here are my suggestions for how you can make the most out of cancelled plans:

  • Finish That Thing You’ve Been Putting Off

Okay, this mightn’t be the funnest way to spend time that should have been spend socialising but it will make such a difference to future you.

As you have already carved some time out for whatever it is you were supposed to be doing, you might as well try to be productive with it.

Take this time to get yourself ahead on any work, assignments or even household chores that you’ve been putting off for the time being. This will give you more time later on to dedicate to something more fun – such as redoing the event you missed out on!

  • Do Something Creative

Being creative is something a lot of people put off because they’re too busy. Now that you suddenly have a free afternoon or evening, why not try something that will excite and entertain you?

Finally start working on that book you’ve been thinking about, set up your YouTube channel, draw a picture or even learn how to knit.

Cancelled plans are a perfect opportunity to take some time out and do something fun that you would normally never think about doing. You’ll also feel much better about your cancelled plans as you have used the time to better yourself.

  • Have A Spa Night

We all need to take better care of ourselves, yet when our schedules are full we let things slide. We stop taking care of ourselves when things become busy and we don’t have time for pampering.

Now you are going to be spending the evening at home, why not treat yourself to an at-home spa night?

Get out the candles, run yourself a bubble bath and let yourself feel pampered. You could even crack open a cheeky beverage to make the night that little bit more special.

Take this time to do things you never have time to do during the week, such as a face mask, shaping and painting your nails and exfoliating your skin. Then next time you’re invited to a social event, you’ll be ready for it.

  • Simply Chill Out

One of the best things about cancelled plans is the fact that you now get to spend the evening however you want to spend it.

Sure, it can be disappointing to miss out on an event or seeing your friends but cancelled plans have now given you the perfect opportunity to chill out and have some much needed me-time.

Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, we could all do with me-time every now and again. This is time that you don’t have to feel guilty about wasting, because it is time you had already carved out for something else.

This makes cancelled plans the perfect opportunity for you to start that new book, get into that TV show everyone has been talking about or simply veg out on the sofa with your favourite snacks.

There you have it, just a few suggestions on how to spend some free time you didn’t think you’d have!

I write about what I experience and thanks to cancelled plans tonight, I can finally write for my blog again. I tend to get overwhelmed with the bad emotions, such as disappointment, but tonight I’m going to turn things around.

Speak soon,


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