Going Back To Basics | Yet Another Quarter Life Crisis?

She’s back, overthinking and reflecting on her life once again!

If you’ve been here before, then you know that overthinking it what I do best. But by recording and sharing what’s going on in my brain, sometimes we come to some decent conclusions.

My latest thing is that I feel like I’m trying to go back to basics with everything. And through this, there are a lot of things that keep coming up that I think I just needed to be reminded of.

I had forgotten about so many things that were important to me; things that are important to who I am.

Most of these things are coming from my childhood and the way I was raised. Major things such as frugality and relationships to minor things such as the music I used to listen to and the books I used to read are all becoming relevant in my life once more.

I feel like my life has come full circle after my adolescence and I’m settling into the person I’m supposed to – the person I’ve always been.

I saw an interview with one of my favourite journalists Caitlin Moran a long time ago and something she said has always stuck with me. To paraphrase slightly, she said something along the lines of: you will experiment with loads of different versions of ‘you’ during your teens and twenties until you ultimately settle back on who you were at 12 years old, because that’s who you were always meant to be.

I keep thinking about that quote now because it feels so relevant.

Don’t get me wrong, I think I’ve grown a lot and become a much better person than I actually was at 12. But it’s the sentiment I like.

A major part of recovery from some bad mental health times for me was to explore the things I used to love. Even though I am probably the most content I’ve ever been right now, I’m still finding myself going back to the girl I used to be for comfort and guidance.

I’m getting back into so many different things that I used to love and I think that’s why I’m feeling so content with life at the moment.

Even though growth and self development are super important, I think we could all become better people simply by paying attention to what is important.

When you strip things back to basics, you have more room to see what really matters. And you’ll see who you’re really meant to be.

What are you getting back into that you used to love?

Speak soon,



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