Chaos – May, Myself And I #28

May 28: Chaos

We all know by now that I’m a worrier, a stress-head and a chronic overthinker.

Although this does cause a lot of issues in my life, it has allowed me to develop some skills in the art of calming a chaos.

As I always say on this blog, I’m still learning so my techniques aren’t perfect yet. But for today’s post I thought I’d talk about my three best ways of regaining some calm during times of chaos.

1. Make A Cuppa

This is such a British thing, I know, but honestly making a cup of tea can be so soothing.

There is something about the ritual of boiling the kettle, pouring the milk into a cup (adding sugar if you’re real stressed) and mixing it all together that just soothes my soul.

If I’m feeling really bad I make sure to take time drinking my cuppa; really tasting it and feeling the warmth. If the weather permits, I’ll sit outside and just be at peace.

2. Tidy Room, Tidy Mind

You know by now that I like a good clean. I’m one of those people who you can tell how my mental wellbeing is based on how tidy my room is.

I’m naturally just a very tidy and organised person (call me a control freak, I know it) so being in a messy space doesn’t do my brain any good.

If I’m feeling chaotic and stressed, I’ll try to regain some control by tidying my room or the house. I like to make sure my space is tidy, organised and clean.

The process to get there is very soothing to me and also makes me feel like I’ve achieved something, even while being overwhelmed.

3. Distract Myself

I spend a lot of time on front of the screen or page absorbing content, but when I’m feeling chaotic I become more active about it.

Sometimes, the best thing you can offer yourself is distraction. If I feel myself spiralling into that chaotic state, I’ll stick on some YouTube, listen to podcast or read a book (if my brain can concentrate that much!)

I need to take some time to get out of my own head and forget what’s causing me stress, even if only for a few minutes.

Getting out of my head gives me a bit more perspective and sometimes allows me to take better control of the situation.

Self care is obviously more than these simple things and it goes much deeper, but sometimes it’s the little things that can make all the difference.

What calms you down?

Speak soon,


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