Circles – May, Myself And I #27

May 27: Circles

As you’ll know by now, I like to talk about myself a lot. I like to talk about my journey of self discovery and self growth because that’s what seems to be going on with me most of the time.

I mentioned in a recent post, but it often feels like I’m just going around in circles.

No matter what work I put in, what changes I try to make or resolutions I set, I always seem to end up back in the same place – right where I started.

It feels like everyday is a ‘fresh start’ for me but not in a positive way. In the sense that everyday I need to start again on my physical, mental and emotional habits to try be better.

Regardless of how dedicated or inspired I feel I never seem to be making any progress.

One big issue of this for me is physical.

I’ve mentioned previously that I am trying to take better care of myself, eating better foods and trying to exercise more. Yet no matter how ‘good’ I’ve been for a week, maybe two, I always fall bad into my bad habits.

I know I need to be patient and persistent with myself in order to see any kind of results, but it’s so hard. And kind of underwhelming.

Anyone else feel like they’re just going around in circles?

It seems that every post I write for this challenge is about myself! I hope you still enjoy it anyway.

Speak soon,


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