Praise – May, Myself And I #29

May 28: Praise

Isn’t it awkward getting praise sometimes? I know, like a lot of people, that I often struggle to accept praise – especially when it really matters.

Praise is something that is actually pretty important to me though. It’s a thing that stems from childhood, getting feedback and comments on my behaviour or work.

All throughout school I was a good girl and every parents’ evening teachers would just sing my praises.

I have always worked very hard to make my parents proud. I think it’s just my nature to try and do the best thing – I don’t like getting told off!

As an adult, feedback is rare. Well, there’s always someone’s who is pissed off at you or someone who is happy for what you’ve achieved.

But actual feedback – proper praise – is few and far between.

This is something I struggled with at university and my previous jobs. After getting constant (positive) feedback as a child, I found myself struggling when this was no longer coming my way.

I didn’t know how I was getting on and, more importantly, I wasn’t getting that little boost that I used to get.

I always look to other people for validation and it’s actually quite hard to crack on when it’s no longer there.

How do you handle praise?

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