Start Of The Week Scheming

I wanted to call this post ‘Sunday Scheming’ because that day marks the end of a week for me, and that’s usually when I get randomly inspired to change my whole life. However, it’s currently a bank holiday in England which means this week is having a later start than usual for most, but I’ve still got my scheming hat on.

Another thing that’s got me going tonight is the fact I went on a bit of a bender last night. That means today has been another anxiety-fuelled hangover, something I’m no stranger too nor is this blog.

I’ve spoken about my issues with alcohol in the past on this blog and being hungover, unable to remember much of the night before bar the tears shed in the taxi home (all of my nights, no matter how fun, seem to end in tears these days. A sign it’s time to stop?) has spurred it all on again. There’s a lot of change going on at the minute and I’m feeling generally unsettled while we shift into a new phase of life after the pandemic. Personally, I’m out of sorts because I’m staying with my partner (who I adore, along with his family so I’m very blessed) and my own routine is over the place on top of it all.

Things are opening again, I’m starting to socialise and see people I’ve missed for almost a full year (hence the drinking last night!) and while it’s fun, it’s exhausting sometimes. I think I’m still processing everything that’s happened since last year and need to re-learn how to do things ‘normally’ again – and it’s hard! As a homebody who works from home all the time anyway, I think I’ve forgotten how knackered I get being around people because I’ve been so excited to see my loved ones again, which has took over and I get too excited then crash later on. Or drink so much because I’m excited that I spend full days regretting everything I’ve ever done.

Anyway, in a bid to turn around this messy day for myself I’m thinking about what I need to add into my routine for real self care and peace of mind instead of the bad habits I’ve developed over the pandemic (and before to be honest)

What makes you feel good?

Taking care of my body and my mind is going to make me a better person during the upcoming social situations – and hopefully that’ll apply even when I don’t have a pitcher a gin in my hand! I think there’ll be a lot of podcasts, self help books and walks by the beach this week to get my head back in a good place…

These are just some thoughts I’m having as I’m getting ready to start the week. I hope you’re safe and well.

Speak soon,


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