How To Give Yourself The Space To Figure Out What You Want

We live in a noisy world.

No matter where we turn we’re forced to deal with messages, news, advertisements, other people’s opinions, judgements, and so on coming at us from every direction.

We carry around these devices that are constantly making noise – both literal and metaphysical – and with every tone we take in yet more information no matter what we’re currently dealing with.

It’s no wonder that many of us feel burnt out at the end of the day.

It’s no wonder that when you finish work, school, or whatever it is that takes up your time – which I understand mightn’t be much right now – you barely have the energy to think, to breathe, let alone move.

Some people in the self-development industry will tell you that you need to work on your goals every day in order to see success, and while they’re not necessarily wrong it can be hard to even figure out what your goals are when there’s so much noise going on.

I felt compelled to write this post because I too suffer with the noise. I actively spend my time surrounded by noise, as the background to most of my days is made up of podcasts, YouTube videos, Instagram posts, text messages, and phone calls.

And that’s just the things I do in my free time.

We simply don’t have time to cover all the other noise we have to deal with at work, in our homes and around other people – but you get it.

The more noise you deal with, the more distraction you’re dealing with.

In some cases, distraction can be a good thing but when you’re experiencing this everyday you start living on autopilot.

Even though I know it won’t be the first time you’ve heard this, I want to beg you to take some quiet time for yourself today – and make sure to do it everyday from now on.

Some people refer to this time as meditation, but if this makes you feel weird it doesn’t have to be that deep. Everyone can afford at least five minutes of quiet time to be in their thoughts, whether that’s the last thing you do before bed or something you have to snatch while making a cup of tea in the afternoon.

Sometimes, quiet time doesn’t even have to be quiet – it simply has to be peaceful.

I often find it useful to listen to music, both with lyrics and without depending on my mood, when I need some time in my thoughts. This is a good way to remove some of the resistance that comes with meditating and things like that, because the music soothes your brain and takes the pressure off by giving it something to think about at first.

At first, you’ll find yourself focusing on the music – singing along with the lyrics or getting lost in nostalgia.

But I’ve found that this is just the top layer of my brain activity and once it fades away I’m fully in my thoughts and I’m experiencing them without judgement.

It’s in this state that real miracles can happen and you’ll be surprised by what you learn about yourself if you simply take the time to listen.

You know by now that learning, equals growth and that equals real change.

I want to see you make that real change because you deserve to have everything you want, so start making the right steps today. Be kind to yourself and be gentle when you can.

Speak soon,


Photo by Jessica F on Unsplash

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