Sometimes You Just Need Some Time Off

On this blog, I talk a lot of the plans I’m making for myself and the things I’m trying to change in my life.

This is because these are the times when I feel most inspired. It’s also the times that I feel must be more interesting to other people.

But recently, I’ve been having some time off.


Now I don’t mean that in the sense like I’ve been on holiday or I’m not working, because my life is still going on as normal.

I’ve just been taking time off from my goals, my routines and my new habits. If I was feeling mad at myself I guess I’d say I’ve ‘fallen off the barrel’.

The past few weeks I haven’t been keeping a routine that well.

I’ve been spending money more than I’d normally allow myself.

I’ve been eating everything in sight and not even trying to exercise.

Even though I haven’t been sticking to any of the rules or routines I’ve been trying to build for myself over the past year, I’ve still been pretty frigging happy.


If you’ve been here before, then you know that I’m quite an organised person. I like to constantly be trying to improve myself and get things ‘perfect’.

Yet over the past few weeks I’ve just allowed myself to be.

I’ve still been working and doing my regular life commitments, I just haven’t gotten myself bogged down with all the other extras.

That’s what inspired me to write this post.

I think it’s so important for you to have goals for yourself and to try to improve your life as much as you can.

But I think it’s equally as important to just have some time off every now and again.

Of course, we can’t all dump our commitments and go on holiday. However, we can all give ourselves a break every now and again.

Think of it as a little holiday for your mind.

We’re all so hard on ourselves! We always want to be striving for the next best thing, which means we don’t get chance to see how good things can be right now.

Let this little post be a reminder to be kind to yourself.

You don’t always have to be working on yourself, pushing yourself and hustling. You are allowed to just be.

Sometimes you just need some time off.


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