Apologies – May, Myself And I #30

May 4: Apologies

Saying sorry is really hard, don’t you think?

There’s been so many times in my life where I’ve scrimped on my apologies, despite the fact I really hate it when other people do that.

Learning what to say and how to act when you’re wrong is really difficult and it’s something that has to change as you get older.

Little kids are always being taught to say sorry and how to forgive.

But when you get older, saying sorry is no longer based on broken toys. It gets much deeper and therefore much harder.

I’ve said before but I have a very guilty conscience. In my first job, I was known as the girl who said nothing but ‘sorry’.

I will apologise for every little thing, sometimes even when it’s not my fault.

Yet I find it really hard to apologise when I’m actually in the wrong. When I’ve hurt someone, said something out of order or just generally been a dick.

I get embarrassed very easily and it’s a feeling I hate. I’ll try to avoid feeling embarrassed at any cost – including ignoring when I’ve done something wrong.

As with everything else it seems that I’ve talked about throughout this challenge, I need to become better at apologising!

I can’t believe we’re almost at the end of May. Time sure does fly when you’re busy, right?

Speak soon,


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