Letters – May, Myself And I #24

May 24: Letters

I used to write a lot of physical letters when I was younger.

For a while, I was pen-palling with a couple of friends who lived in other parts of the country. Our letters would usually be handwritten – although later on in the game I did get excited about all of the fonts I could use on Word and so would print out my letters.

But for the most part, I preferred to use good ol’ pen and paper.

Each letter would arrive on fancy paper that we’d bought especially for writing to each other.

If we couldn’t use fancy paper or if we wanted to make things a bit more special, we’d get creative with stickers and doodles. Most of the letters I received (and no doubt send out) were heavy with stickers.

I used to get so excited to see a letter come through the post with my name on, but now it’s only letters from the bank or Student Finance – and no one would get excited about those!

I think it’s a shame that letter writing, as in hand writing using pen and paper, isn’t really a thing anymore.

I get it; it takes a long time to write a letter and in the world of instant messaging, what’s the point?

But it still makes me a bit sad all the same. The same way that videos aren’t a thing anymore makes me sad or that my Nintendogs have definitely died now also makes me sad.

It’s a bit of childhood nostalgia that I doubt I’ll ever see again.

But I think the real reason why the lack of letter writing nowadays makes me sad is the waste of stationary.

I think getting back into letters would be a good excuse to buy – and then use – more stationary.

Not that I really need an excuse to buy more…

We’ve made it through another week friends! I hope you have a very safe and happy bank holiday weekend.

Speak soon,


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