Moon – May, Myself And I #25

May 25: Moon

There’s been a lot of space talk on this challenge and I love it! In those other posts I may have mentioned that I love space and I do have a particular soft spot for the moon.

But instead of fangirling about space and gushing about how pretty the moon is, I thought today would be a good opportunity to talk about another love of mine – conspiracy theories.

Don’t worry yourself, I’m not going to try convince you that some terror attack was actually planned or that the world is flat because that’s just mad and not what I’m into.

However, many people do believe that the moon landings were faked. Some people on the internet will tell you that man has never been to the moon and the whole event was faked for… Well, a number of reasons depending on what site you’re on and who you’re listening too.

I’m going to jump in now and say that I don’t believe the moon landings were fake. Call me stupid, but I do tend to believe what’s in history books (most of the time).

Despite this, I will spend hours watching videos online that detail all the ways the moon landing was faked, or how aliens are real, or how the President of the US is actually a lizard.

I don’t necessarily believe any of that but I find it so fascinating to see how differently we all see things.

My favourite ‘conspiracy theory’ FYI (and I put in it quotes because this one I do believe) is that our phones and technology are listening to us or watching us. I use the term favourite very loosely as that theory actually scares the crap out of me and I believe it’s true – again, call me crazy I know.

Let’s flip this whole thing on its head and turn it into a true rachaelic post.

I think conspiracy theories teach us to take everything with a pinch of salt.

Sure, some of the stuff people say is mad but it’s worth it to do your own research and form your own opinions about everything.

Research, as a journalism graduate believe it or not, is very valuable to me and it’s something I need to do more before opening my mouth and sharing my options on or offline.

I think the world would be a less hostile place if we all did more research before speaking, to be honest.

Do you believe in any conspiracy theories?

I hope you’re having a relaxed and peaceful Saturday! I’m off to watch more of BBC 1’s Big Weekend on the telly.

Speak soon,


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