Kindness – May, Myself And I #23

May 23: Kindness

Now I know how important kindness is, but I don’t think I’d ever consider it to be strength of mine.

Kindness is something that is normally associated with women, but it’s something that we can all offer and experience. I know that I have experienced kindness so many times in my life – so many times in a day – and I am very grateful.

My family are very kind; my brother is one of the most giving people you will ever meet. My best friend is super sweet and one of the kindest souls I know – she will always be there to check in and make sure I’m alright. My boyfriend is very kind and gentle; when we first met his quietness unnerved me but now I know it is because he is very thoughtful.

I have all of these examples of kindness (and many more that I couldn’t even go into here!) yet why do I struggle to be kind so much?

According to Wikipedia, kindness is:

Kindness is a behaviour marked by ethical characteristics, a pleasant disposition, and concern and consideration for others. It is considered a virtue, and is recognised as a value in many cultures and religions.

It’s something that I’m constantly being blessed with – so much so, in fact, that sometimes I feel like I miss most of it.

I was just thinking yesterday how lucky I am to have the people I currently do in my life. It can be surprising to think about how many people actually have your back and I bet you’d be surprised to see who actually does care about you.

I briefly mentioned  yesterday that I have been pretty ill recently, which isn’t great. However, during times like that where I cannot rely on myself I’m forever surprised by who is there.

During some of my worst moments, I honestly believed that I was on my own for everything. Now that I feel that grey mist slipping away from me, I can see that there are so many people there, so many people who really do care.

But what do I mean when I say that I have a lot of kind people around me?

For me, kindness is simple. Kindness is someone simply asking how I am, telling me to have a nice day, saying take care when we part.

Kindness can be a big or small gesture, but I think it’s the smallest ones that matter to me the most.

Because the little things matter to me, I always make sure to be polite and smile to people when I am out and about – I always greet servers in shops and will never get off the bus without saying thank you.

But I don’t think that’s enough to make me a kind person. I think that’s just being normal or decent – right?

Is this just another case of Rachael’s low self-esteem or do I actually have a point here?

What does kindness mean to you? Are you a kind person, do you think?

Speak soon,



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