Little – May, Myself And I #13

May 13: Little

I don’t quite know what to write for today, so have a very creative list of all of the things that I think of when I see the word little. Let’s think of it as a very fun word association game!


  • Little mama – which is the nickname me and my brother gave my mam years ago, as she is the smallest in the family, and it has stuck
  • Stuart Little – which is a movie I watched countless times in my childhood and this character will always hold a weird little space in my heart
  • Little man – which is what I call my dog, Ceaser, most often – although he has many more nicknames!


  • Little Darlings – a book by Jacqueline Wilson that I bought when I was definitely too old but loved it none the less
  • Little Fires Everywhere – a book by Celeste Ng which is on my TBR that I am so excited to read after reading Everything I Never Told You last year
  • Little Women – a classic I have tried to read time and time again, but I was never very good with classics as a child so I’ve struggled at lot


  • Little House On The Prairie – which is an old TV show that my parents used to watch growing up and I got caught up in it few years ago – I think I got far enough to see the famous fire episode!
  • The Little Mermaid – Ariel is my favourite Disney princess and I used to watch this film so much growing up. Here’s a secret: a tiny part of me still believes in mermaids.
  • Little Britain – a highly inappropriate show now that was very popular when I was in school and many people my age still quote the questionable catchphrases to each other

I genuinely struggled to think of things in my life that contain the word little. No doubt, as soon as I have hit publish on this post a million cleverer ideas will come to mind and I’ll be kicking myself!

Maybe this post has reminded you of a book or movie you used to love? What do you think of when you read the word little?

I feel like I could have done so much with today’s word, but I feel like my creativity has been sucked dry this morning. Must just be that Monday feeling!

Speak soon,


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