Sunflowers & Storms – May, Myself And I #11 + #12 (Catch Up)

May 11: Sunflowers

I really like sunflowers – they make me so happy. I’m not really someone who’s into flowers but I just think sunflowers are, like, really pretty.

What I like about sunflowers is how bright they are and how tall they rise.

Sunflowers make me think about summer days spent at my nanna’s house. Her back garden was full of flowers and plants, because my grandad loved to garden. Me and my brother spent a lot of time at their house during the school holidays, as both of our parents worked.

Sunflowers were something my nanna would have in the garden sometimes and we all liked to check in on their progress and see how much they’d grown.

It’s a nice day today and I’m hoping to spend most of it outside. Being outside makes me feel young again and makes me feel nostalgic in a very peaceful way.

Summer was such a fun time as a child and I loved being around my grandparents then. Not to get too cheesy, but make the most out of your family while they are healthy and happy. Spend as much time with your loved ones if you can and take some time to be outside in the sun – it’ll do you the world of good, I promise!

May 12: Storms

As I said, it’s a very nice day today but in the UK you can guarantee that a storm is not long on it’s way.

We can’t cope with the sun in the UK and it’s kind of a running joke. But as much as I love sitting out in the sun and soaking up the rays every now and again, I love storms even more.

I love it when the sky gets all dark and it feels like nighttime, even when it’s only the early afternoon. I love the feeling of anticipation when a storm is brewing and it seems like the whole city is just waiting for the rain to fall.

I love it when that first rain drop does fall and then all of a sudden the windows are being battered with it for hours on end.

I really like thunder and lightening too, but I can understand why many people are frightened of it.

I guess I just love the feeling of being safe and cosy in my little home when nature is being cruel. I don’t often think about how lucky I am to live in my house, but during storms I get a wave of gratitude that these four walls will protect me like they always have.

There is a bit of weekend reading for you friends. I am really trying to keep this thing going and I’m a bit annoyed that I didn’t write on time yesterday. Luckily, these are two shorter posts and I quite like the way they ended up fitting together.

I hope you’re having a fun and safe weekend.

Speak soon,


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