Umbrella – May, Myself And I #9

May 9: Umbrella

What an appropriate day to write this post! It is so cold, grey and rainy here in the North East that if I venture outside I will certainly need an umbrella.

I’m very unlucky with umbrellas – I’ve lost count of the number of brollies that have broken, bent inside out or simply not kept me dry. I seem to have a magical power that makes every umbrella I’ve ever used turn inside out, whether there is wind there or not.

You’ve already heard (well, read) me say it, but where I’m from we call umbrellas brollies. I’m assuming a lot of people in England call it that too, I don’t think that’s a Geordie-specific term.

I’m from Newcastle Upon Tyne, which is a city in the North East of England. We are famous for our bad weather – like the rest of the north! – funny accent and excessive drinking.

As I am writing this today, Newcastle is grey and overcast with a constant dripping of rain.

I actually love days like today, especially now I work from home. Nothing brings me more joy that being snuggled up in my house, with a big jumper on and watching the rain pour down.

I’ll admit that a lot of the joy comes from seeing other people struggle with the harsh weather. It’s even better is their umbrellas turn inside out and break like mine normally do.

After a rainy few days, you’ll find the streets of my city littered with broken brollies. People get so frustrated and just dump them on the roadside and can you blame them?

It’s funny to me (and kind of annoying) that in 2019 we can have so many amazing technologies, yet no one has managed to make a brollie that can actually stay upright in a little bit of rain!

It’s almost the weekend, friends! Let’s hope this cold weather goes away soon and we can have some kind of summer this year.

Speak soon,


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