Pranks – May, Myself And I #8

May 8: Pranks

I think pranks are horrible – I really don’t like them. I can’t watch those compilations on YouTube of people getting pranked and I don’t really want anything to do with pranks in real life.

My boyfriend, brother and dad all like a good prank. Most of the time it only goes as far as them hiding behind closed doors to give me a scare, but sometimes they do go further.

During university, my boyfriend loved to play pranks on one of our housemates and it was kind of funny at the time – university can be incredibly boring and anything that can keep you entertained is a Godsend. University was probably the only time I have actively participated in pranks, but I can’t see myself doing much more later in life.

I wasn’t going to write too much about pranks, as there isn’t really anything else to say besides that, but I’ve just recently finished reading Pet Sematary by Stephen King so I’m in a spooky mindset today.

Pranks are something that are always used in horror films to give you a jump scare before anything too bad has happened. No matter how many different horror films I watch, I will always jump at these daft scares.

I guess that’s why I’m probably quite a good person to prank when I think about it. I am very twitchy and will jump at the slightest sound.

I don’t know why this is – maybe because I spend a lot of time in my head? – but I do know that people find it pretty funny. If you want to have a laugh, either jump out on me from behind a door or put me in front of a horror film and see me twitch.

To get back to the main topic though, I don’t like pranks. I don’t like the shame or embarrassment it makes people feel and sometimes it just feels like bullying.

Maybe you disagree with me; perhaps I am just being a bit of a kill joy. Whatever, I just don’t like pranks.

Let’s go off subject, has anyone seen the new Pet Sematary movie? After reading the book I watched the trailer and I don’t think I like the look of it.

If you have any spooky films you think I’d like, please let me know. I’m feeling like I need something to distract me from work today!

Speak soon,


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