Red Lips – May, Myself And I #4

May 4: Red Lips

I think it’s pretty apt that I’m writing about red lips on a Saturday night. A long time ago (it makes me feel quite sick to think exactly how long ago it was!) I used to go out out on a Saturday night and I’d always be wearing red lipstick.

I was about eighteen when I first discovered red lipstick. Well, I was eighteen when I was first bold enough to wear red lipstick.

At eighteen, going out was a regular occurrence – I was a student after all! No matter what outfit I had on, I was probably wearing red lipstick. And chances are by the end of the night that red lipstick would be smeared all over my face, my late night chips and my pillowcase.

For me, the best part of a night out has always been getting ready. I genuinely look forward to any occasion that requires me to look a bit fancier than I normally would because it means I get to be creative with makeup.

I’ve loved makeup since I was a young teen and it was only through my constant partying as an eighteen year-old that I developed some kind of skill in it.

Red lips became the thing I wore on a night out – I loved the way it make me look and the way it made me feel.

As a pale girl, red lips makes my skin seem fashionable rather than the health concern it usually looks like. I’ve always associated red lips with vintage pin ups and beauty queens, and for several hours a week I considered myself to be like them when I had it on.

It makes sense to me why some women consider red lips to be like war paint. One application and you feel invincible.

Now, the days of constant clubbing and partying are over and I am finding less and less occasions for which a red lip is suitable. I tend to opt for more neutral shades now or, if I’m feeling really daring, I might choose a dark purple instead.

I don’t want to think that my red lip days are over. Perhaps it might be time to reintroduce that girl, who for once in her life wasn’t afraid to attract a little attention and be bold.




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