Eggs – May, Myself And I #5

May 5: Eggs

My puppy loves eggs. Before getting a dog I couldn’t even imagine that a sentence like that would even make sense, but it’s true.

We were very blessed towards the end of last year and Ceaser came into our lives, despite the fact that my family “would never have a dog” (Dad, literally every year of my life).

In previous years, my family has housed three goldfish – one of which lived to be the grand old age of thirteen! – and two guinea pigs that me and my brother had begged to have for years. We were always told that we would never be able to have a dog, as we are a working household and it just wouldn’t be fair.

But in November 2018 everything seemed to fall into place and we introduced Ceaser, a Border Jack puppy, to our humble abode.

Having a dog has had such an impact on our family. We are all so happy to have him and I can’t believe how much you can love an animal.

As much as we love him, he loves eggs even more. Just yesterday he was running around the house crying because he had to wait for his bowl of scrambled eggs to cool down.

Being around a fluff ball that is so happy and excited about everything has made such a positive impact on my mental health. Everyday, no matter what is going on in or family or the world, I get so excited to see his happy little face.

Today was supposed to be about eggs, but as always I’ve turned it into a mush fest about my puppy!

Speak soon,


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