Doughnut – May, Myself & I #3

May 3 : Doughnut

I love doughnuts. It’s a thing I’m going through at the moment and I totally blame my boyfriend for this obsession.

I have always had a sweet tooth and it’s something that I think everyone knows about me. I would much rather have dessert than a main course any day of the week. After every meal I get a craving for something sweet and sometimes it feels like I really do need chocolate to survive.

When I was younger and was in the house on my own after school, I used to drink golden syrup. That’s not even a lie and now it kind of sets my teeth on edge, but I think that proves how much of a sweet tooth I have!

At the moment, my thing is doughnuts. The past few times me and my boyfriend have been together, we’ve been eating doughnuts.

A few weeks ago we found this amazing place very local to me that does handmade doughnuts and ohmigosh were they great. Beautiful buttery dough that was heavily iced with a thick pink icing and coated with hundreds and thousands.

My mouth is drooling just at the thought of them.

I told my mam recently that I am currently obsessed with doughnuts and she replied:

“Rachael, you’re just obsessed with food full stop.”

If that doesn’t tell you what kind of person I am, then I’m not sure what will!

Happy Friday reader, I hope you have something wonderful planned for the weekend. I think we know one thing for certain – mine is going to contain doughnuts!

Speak soon,


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