Running & Star – May, Myself And I #1 + #2 (Catch Up)

I love Carrie Hope Fletcher and I thought that her ‘May, Myself and I’ challenge (watch the video here) was a great way to get me back into writing as a hobby.

I’ve recently talked about my ongoing battle with this blog and how I’m struggling to get back into writing just for myself, so I thought I’d give this little challenge a go. Of course, as I am with most things, I’m late so here’s me trying to catch up.

May 1st: Running

This is the first time that I am running my own life. I have spent years in the education system, where my time was determined by teachers and lecturers. Although university give me the first taste of being in control of my own life, it wasn’t true freedom.

At university, my time was being dictated by what assignments I had to do, what work shifts I was doing that week and what my roommates were doing.

Once I left university I found myself trapped in yet another horrible job. This was the job that ended up changing my life (see my previous posts about it here) but not in the way I initially wanted.

During that year of work, I felt so trapped. I remember waking up everyday wishing that I was in control of what I was doing – wishing I was the one who was running the show.

Now that period of my life is over and I’ve finally turned over to a new leaf, I am so proud of myself. All of those years of hard work, upset and feeling lost have landed me where I am today.

Today, I am a freelance writer and I am in total control of my life. I run everyday the way I want it to be.

Sure, I still have work commitments and social commitments. But for the first time in my life I am the one calling the shots. I am finally running my own life.

May 2: Stars

I love space. Ask anyone in my personal life and they’ll tell you that I’m a bit of a geek about the whole thing.

I was never very good at science when I was in school and I absolutely hated physics, but nothing can compare to the feeling I get when I look up at all the stars in the sky at night.

I live in a city, so the amount of stars that I get to see on a daily basis is minute. But whenever I leave the city, I am so bowled over by how bright the night can be. I love to look up at the stars and just admire them.

I don’t know the constellations and to be honest I don’t really care about them. I am not scientific in the way I admire the stars, I simply just like how they look. I like how looking at the stars makes me feel small, while also making me feel like I’m apart of something bigger.

If you want to get a grip on yourself, take a moment to look up at the stars tonight and allow yourself to feel small.

Let’s see how much of this challenge I do! If you want to take part, check out Carrie’s video here for the list of prompts.

Speak soon,


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