May Goals

It’s now the beginning of a new month so it’s time to set some new goals. I find that noting things down that I want to get done is a really effective way to ensure that it does happen and this time I’m being a bit more public about it. This way I have to make extra effort to make sure I succeed as it’s out there for anyone to see!

To Do.jpg

  • Focus Focus Focus!

This is my last month of university for this year and I have a couple of deadlines and many more exams that I really want to do my best in. Like everyone I get distracted so easily and procrastinate far too much when it comes to revision or work but because I’m now in the last few weeks I really want to push myself and work extra hard. I don’t have long left and I know if I work extra hard now I’m going to enjoy my summer even more!

  • A Little TLC

Because this is quite a stressful month I want to take extra time to look after myself to ensure I don’t crash and burn. This means anything from face masks to just taking a couple of minutes out to spend on my own.

  • Quality Time

Quite contradictory I want to take some time out for my friends too this month as I can get so caught up in what I’m doing that I often have no time for the people around me. Although spending a lot of time around people is a tiring thing for me, I don’t have long left until summer and I want to make the most of the time I’ve got with the people I currently have around me.

  • Sorting It Out

I have recently started exercising a bit more regularly and this is something I really want to continue.  I have been quite down lately and I think a massive part of this is not feeling particularly comfortable within myself and knowing that I am not looking after my body the way I should be. So I really want to keep up with exercising whenever I can, not necessarily to lose weight or anything but just to feel a bit better about myself!

  • Blogging

Last but not least I really want to keep going with this blog. You may have noticed that I’ve given it a little upgrade and I’m really enjoy messing about with photography and fonts lately. It’s just the motivation I seem to lack but I’m going to push myself this month to keep creating and keep posting!

Lets Do This


What goals do you have for this month?

Speak soon,


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