A Guide to Taking Notes at University

As we’re vastly approaching summer and the end of school years, I know there are many people both excited and anxious about heading to university in September.

As a second year student I’ve learnt a few things about how university works and how to make it work for you. One of the issues many people face is how to take notes and ensure that you are making the most out of your lectures.

I have tried various different ways to take notes over the past couple of years and today I’m going to lay out some of your options to help you get along.

Please note that these are the things I have tried and what works for me may not work for you. It’s a process and you’ll figure out what you’re comfortable with in time. That’s what your first year is for!



Using a refill pad for all lectures and then dividing the notes into separate folders later is a great way for those who can keep on top of their work and like to be super organised. You can even add in the lecture slides (which will normally be provided online by your lecturer) to add more to your revision.



Using a subject notebook with each section dedicated to a particular module ensures that all of your notes are in one place but gives you enough structure to easily navigate through. This one is pretty simple and one that I’ve noticed most people to use. If you want something easy but organised, I’d go for this.



Using different notebooks for each subject can be useful for revision as you know exactly where your notes are and there is no fear of getting muddled. The only issue is you might be carrying a canny few notebooks around with you!


  • Make sure you date all of your notes to help you sort out topics when it comes to revision or if you need to look back at a later date.
  • Title your notes with whatever the lecture is called. This will help you organise everything and make it easier if you need to find out more information.
  • If you can’t keep up with the lecturer or leave out a few vital details, make a note to check online after the lecture and make sure you do it!

As always, I hope this helped and if you have any tips or advice please let us know!

Speak soon,


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