Natural Collection: A Basic, Affordable Review

In my last post I said that I had recently purchased four Natural Collection eyeshadows (and a nail varnish). Since then I’ve had time to have a bit of a play with them and I’m here today to review them.

Natural Collection is a brand I used very early on when I first began experimenting with makeup and in all that time it hasn’t changed a bit. Which is a bit of a shame but it did make me feel very nostalgic to be circling the counter once again.



L-R: Milk Chocolate, Heather, Willow & Butterscotch

The eyeshadows I got were; Heather, Milk Chocolate, Willow and Butterscotch and I have been messing on with them pretty much every day since I bought them. They are all lovely, natural colours to wear every day- especially if your everyday life does not permit heavy makeup.

I can also say pretty confidently that the lighter colours (Willow and Butterscotch) are better in both pigmentation and payoff. Although each eyeshadow is only £1.99 there are other brands at the drugstore that do products at a better quality for a similar price.

I also have to say that if you have darker skin, these products may be fairly useless for you. I am a very pale person and the darker shades (Milk Chocolate and Heather) just show up on my skin.

Colour Payoff: Super light and barely there. (Top to bottom: Milk Chocolate, Heather, Willow & Butterscotch) 

That doesn’t mean to say that I wouldn’t recommend these at all. If you’re looking for something light and bright to wear ever day without too much fuss, then these will work for you. As I said in my last post I am not very good with makeup and eyeshadow is definitely a weak spot for me. But as these colours are so light and, in terms of the darker shades, do not have too much of a bold payoff so I found it very easy to create basic looks without worrying about not blending correctly, etc.

The lighter shades are perfect for all over lid colours or highlights. In fact, I have been using Butterscotch as a cheek highlight too every day since I bought it and it’s so lovely. It offers a little sheen and looks beautiful and natural (hence the name!) on the skin giving you just the right amount of glow without being too much.

I feel like this brand and these products are perfect if you’re just starting off with makeup and want to slowly bring it into your routine. All of the shades are super natural and are perfect for everyday wear. Plus at £1.99 a pop they’re not going to break the bank!


Nail Colour in Praline (2 coats)

With the mixed views surrounding the eyeshadows I was super surprised to find that I loved the nail varnish. It is fairly opaque in just one coat and dries pretty quickly. It did chip fairly quickly, but all nail varnishes do for me, and a top coat is sure to fix that issue!

All products are available at:


Have you tried Natural Collection? What other drugstore brands would you recommend?

Speak soon,



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