Bear With Me: Finding The Balance

Although it probably doesn’t look like it so far, I am so invested in this blog and it is something I take seriously. However due to various things happening in my life and a sudden lack of motivation for all aspects I am falling behind.

I really want to make more effort with this site. I have so many ideas for posts, all written up and planned but I’m struggling to find the time to actually get round to writing and posting them.

I’m also struggling with the site itself. I want it to express who I am and what I write about but I can’t figure out how. Quite frankly, things look pretty boring right now and I am very aware of that and am trying to find some ways to improve.

This is a pointless post, but it’ll make me feel better in the long run if I can inform anyone who may have found their way to this blog that things haven’t stopped permanently. I’m working on it.

Once my exams are over and I begin to get a little more quality free time I am determined to work hard on this site and my posts. If you have any suggestions or tips to help me, feel free to let me know in any way you can. It’ll be much appreciated!

Anyway, thank you for bearing with me and please pop back sometime in the future where I’ll hopefully have it all sussed out!

Speak soon,



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