Barbie’s Makeover: A New Generation of Body Confidence, Self-Love and Acceptance

Mattel has just announced a huge shake up of their classic Barbie dolls and the material world breathe a sigh of relief. Barbie will now come in a diverse range of body types.


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@Barbie: We proudly add three new body types to our line. Meet the dolls.    #TheDollEvolves

We’ve all heard of the drama surrounding Barbie’s beautiful but very narrow and unobtainable structure and the damage it can cause to children. From such a young age, children are being exposed to strict body ideals and begin their self-loathing journey from the moment they understand the difference between them and Barbie.

To be honest, I feel a bit bad for Barbie. She’s gotten some slack over the years but this new announcement is sure to put her in the good books again.

As a child I loved Barbie, as did most of my peers. And although I can’t honestly say I remember comparing my developing body with the petite frame of my dolls, I know I would have loved this new range of petite, tall and curvy dolls- even if it were only so I could add more to my collection!

I think this is such a wonderful action by Mattel and it’s only going to take us closer to that goal of a shameless society. By encouraging children to understand and accept that we all come in so many wonderful different shapes, sizes AND colour (Mattel are also widening their range of skin tones for the famous doll with new darker models available too) we’re ensuring that the new generation, on their way up to take over the world, are full of acceptance and self-love. And that’s surely got to lead to a better and safer society, right?

I, for one, am all for this movement and can’t wait to see what the world will through at us next in with this wonderful body acceptance movement.

What do you think? Please feel free to share in the comments.

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