How To Return To Yourself

If you’re reading this post right now, then there’s a good chance that – like me – you’re into self-development and making changes to your life.

While this is all well and good, there comes a point in all journeys and all stages of the journey where you begin to feel stuck.

Perhaps you haven’t seen progress from your work in a while, or maybe you’re starting to forget what you’re actually doing it all for. As annoying as we can find this stage, I find it really useful to remember that stagnancy is a part of all progresses – it’s something that happens naturally.

As hard as it is, I feel like this part of the progress is where our bodies, minds and souls are asking us if we want to continue.

This is a time for us to reflect and regroup. Perhaps you need to come up with some new goals for yourself, perhaps you need to reflect on the changes that have already been made (because I promise you, there has been changes) to see whether you still want to keep going in this direction.

I’ve woken up today in this stage. Despite the fact that the past week has seen me feeling really positive and light and open, I’m struggling a little bit today with keeping these vibes going.

As much as I want to journal, to do my research and try to learn some new things I can’t get out of the heavy mindset that I’ve go going on in order to take it in.

I have been down on myself for about half an hour this morning, until I accepted that this wasn’t going to get me anywhere. Instead of pushing it, I’ve decided to play some songs from a curated playlist that I’ve been working on over the past week or so.

This playlist is made up of the songs that I might have forgotten about, but I adore them and my spirit has been drastically lifted.

I noticed that once I took the time to actually listen to the music, my mind was at peace and shifts started to be made.

After trying to journal and thinking about the work (freelance) that I need to be doing, which ended up in me getting myself stressed and hunched up at my desk, I moved myself to my bed to stretch out.

I lay on my bed and listened purely to the song that was playing. At this point, it was ‘Take Me To Church’ by Hozier which is one of my all-time to favourite songs, so I was having a little sing to myself at the same time. I noticed that subconsciously I’d put my hand over my heart almost like an act to soothe myself as I was singing.

As I lay there in the sun that is coming through the windows and directly onto my bed, singing and listening to this song, I had the realisation that I’ve just mentioned about feeling stuck in any progress.

Feeling stuck is part of the progress – in fact, it’s a key part because it shows that you are making progress even if you don’t feel like it.

This is a key moment for me to think about what I want, reflect on what I’ve learnt so far and generally just trust in what is going on. Basically, be in the present like we’re all recommended to do.

If you’re feeling a bit lost at the moment, perhaps you too are feeling stuck and can’t see the progress you’re making, I’d recommend using music to return back to yourself.

Curate a playlist like I have of beautiful songs you love or simply put on an old album (if you still have them, that is. Do you?)

I tend to forget how good music is, because I feel like I should be constantly listening to new stuff or trying to find cool new bands, etc. Basically, I get caught up in the perception of my music taste rather than sticking with what I like, which is cheesy pop.

Yep, boybands, love ballands and anything eighties is where my heart lies! And do you know what? That’s how I can return to myself once more as so much of myself can be found within these songs.

What music brings you back to yourself?

Have a good and peaceful day, friends.

Speak soon,


Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

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