No Buy Check In : January 2020 | One Month Without Shopping!

We are finally getting our way to the end of January, which means it’s time for my first ever check-in!

If you’ve been here before, then you will know that I’m currently on a year-long no buy throughout 2020. You can read my original post here, but I’m taking time this year to focus on undoing bad habits and trying to save money.

After all of the planning and worrying I’ve finally (almost) come to the end of my very first month.

So, how was it?


I know this is such a cliche thing to say, but has this been the longest month in history?

January has actually been a very busy time for me, which is good because I haven’t really had time to think about shopping or even go out shopping like I used to.

The beginning of this month was spent on a little holiday with my family. It was the perfect way to start off the new year – by simply getting away from it all and spending some quality time together as a family, surrounded by nature.

I took this time to get back into my habit of reading and I devoured a lot of non-fiction books which have helped me a bit with this whole no-buy project.

This month has been quite busy for me in terms of my work, with an increase in deadlines and articles. I was actually given a slight promotion with my freelance job, which has caused an increase in work but also an increase in wages which is brilliant.

Another thing that has increased this month is my social life.

You all know by now that I’m a bit of a loner. I’m someone who considered themselves to be an introvert, plus I work from home so I spend a lot of time on my own – and up until now, that’s how I like it.

However, a lot of time in January was spent socialising with friends and actually pushing myself to make new friends too!

I’m so happy this is a change in my life and although I do catch myself feeling overwhelmed at times, trying to balance work, socialising and my very important me-time.

But hey, I’m enjoying the process at the moment and I’m just going to keep going with it, because I know life won’t be this way all the time.


As I have already mentioned, two of the biggest changes in January have been my work load and the demands on my social life.

I hate it when people brag about being busy, because I don’t think it’s healthy at all, but I have been really busy this month in more ways than one. This has meant that I haven’t really had a lot of time to think about shopping or get the urge to buy anything specific, which is brilliant for my first month on the no-buy.

Let’s take a closer look at some specific changes I’ve noticed throughout this month:


One major change that I have noticed in myself already is the fact that I’m starting to say yes more.

This is the reason why I have been so busy this month, as I’m allowing myself to say yes to various kind of social meetings.

I’m saying yes when my friends want to meet for a coffee or when they want to have a night out or even when they plan an event – I’ve been saying yes to everything that comes my way.

I also took time this month to meet someone new and try to connect with new people both online and off, which has been amazing for my self-confidence.

I find myself getting quite shy around new people and I’ve fell into the trap of introversion over the past few years, so I don’t really connect with people as often as I should.

However, this month has taught me that I am a social person when I need to be and being around positive people can really make a difference to your mood, motivation and overall outlook on life.


For as long as I’ve been earning my own wage, I’ve been spending a lot of it on food.

Whether I’m going out for a meal, ordering a takeaway, or treating myself to chocolate from the local shop I’m constantly buying food.

This is something that I hope will calm down as the year goes on, but not shopping has meant I’m spending more money on food without feeling guilty about it.

I’ve been going out to restaurants with close friends and ordering fast food to share with my partner or brother while we chill with a movie.

This certainly isn’t the healthiest habit and it is something I’m trying to control as the year goes on, but it’s been nice focusing on the enjoyment of food rather than feeling guilty about spending money – because without shopping, I have a little extra in the bank!


I have been spending money this month, and perhaps more than I’d like, but I’ve been learning new ways to socialise without shopping.

One of the highlights of this month was spending the day with my childhood best friend. We went out for our dinner and got piercings together, which was spontaneous and totally different for us!

I’m looking forward to seeing what else I come up with when it comes to socialising (and leaving the house in general) without shopping.

If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!


Now that I’ve stopped shopping, how have I been spending my time this month?

As I’ve already mentioned, I’ve been busy with work and social commitments which has taken up a lot of my time this month.

But I’ve also been trying out other things.

A great thing that has happened this month is the fact that I’ve read around nine books this month! I’ve been prioritising reading more and even took a little trip to my city library to see what they have on offer.

This is something I want to be doing more of in the future and I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about it.

I have also been trying to focus on this blog, which I hope you’ve noticed. I’m really enjoying creating and publishing content to this website – I just need to get better with my timing and routine.

With this in mind, I have also created a blog Instagram for this site. Please follow it here, even though I haven’t published anything yet.

I’m trying to spend my free time taking and curating quality photos that will represent the work we’re doing here on this website.

This month has basically been filled with the things I normally spend my time doing, like reading, listening to podcasts, and writing but cutting out shopping has meant I’m doing it more.


This is probably the information you actually want to know when it comes to my no buy.

There were actually two main occasions this month when I was really tempted to go shopping.

The first was after a disastrous night out with a friend of mine.

I woke up in the morning feeling anxious because of what happened (we’re okay, the issue got resolved instantly) and feeling low because I had drank alcohol. I felt the urge to go shopping deeply as a way to distract myself and make myself feel better.

The second was when I’d planned to meet with a local Instagram influencer. I felt self-conscious and felt like I needed to purchase a brand new outfit so I could make the right impression.

On both of these occasions, shopping would not have made me feel any better – I now know that it would have actually made me feel worse in the long run. 

I managed to distract myself from my anxiety by cleaning, creating a to-do list, and then settling in for an afternoon of reading.

Meeting someone new for the first time was a wonderful experience and it wouldn’t have been made any better if I was wearing something new.

Would you believe it, but people don’t really care about what you’re wearing but rather what you say and how you react to them?

All in all, January has been quite an interesting month in many ways.

I can’t believe how much I’ve learnt about myself already and how much I have managed to get done by not running to the shops every weekend!

I’m not quite sure how to structure these check-in posts, so if you have any tips or suggestions please let me know. I want to cover everything but in a way that is readable and enjoyable to look at.

How has January been for you?

Speak soon,


Photo by Gyorgy Bakos on Unsplash

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