The Brands I’m Still Using | Cruelty Free Makeup

A good few months ago now I did a huge cull into my makeup collection and checked up on all the brands I currently use. In a bid to become better, I promised myself that I would only use cruelty free brands. I documented the whole thing here (see part 2).

As you can imagine, things haven’t gone quite as smoothly as I hoped in those initial posts. I don’t think I have intentionally bought another product that isn’t cruelty free since but the whole game is such a minefield that it’s only expected for their to be slip ups.

My main issue, however, has been how hard I was on myself when writing those posts. Some of my favourite brands that I had believed to be cruelty free were being banished because one website said they were’t sure on their status.

(I’m not bashing the site I used by any means. It is a wonderful source. I’m just saying I was able to do more research after)

Basically, since I discovered that I could not longer use some of my favourite brands or products I did a bit more research and discovered some happier news. Following this extra research, which is a combination of searches and listening to my favourite influencers’ opinions, I have concluded that I can still use:

  • Revolution (Superdrug)


This brand is so wonderfully affordable and I really like how they’re trying to make quality makeup accessible to everyone. Have been a huge fan of this brand since the beginning, and all of their products are now labelled cruelty free.

RevolutionxSoph Highligher Palette

RevolutionxSoph Extra Spice Eyeshadow Palette

Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer

  • MUA (Superdrug)

This is basically in the same kind of boat as Revolution, but I’m sticking with MUA more for the price rather than the quality. It’s still great and I get a lot of basics from there but I think Revolution is slightly better. None the less I love this brand and once again all products are now labelled as CF.

– Lip Liner in Caramel Nougat

  • Fenty Beauty 

Although I wasn’t sure what to do with this brand in my previous posts, I have come to the conclusion that it is cruelty free. Plus what the brand stands for and the inclusion it offers is a good enough reason to continue supporting it too.

Killawatt Highlighter in Metal Moon


  • Glossier 

I basically just really like the products of this brand. I think, similar to Fenty, they are trying to make beauty more inclusive and I really like the whole idea of keeping things simple to highlight everyone’s natural beauty.


Priming Moisturiser 


Primark Beauty is now cruelty free too! They are Leaping Bunny approved and this happened at the beginning of the month. Read about it here.

– Highlight in Mink Pink (link to Instagram)

So there we have it, a little update on my fairly popular series looking into the wild world of cruelty free beauty.

As I explained in my previous posts, becoming vegetarian or vegan just isn’t something I am interested in or would be able to do, but I’m going to do my bit however I can.

What’s your favourite cruelty free brands?

Speak soon,



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