Five Christmas Films You Should Watch This Season

While trying to get into the Christmas spirit, I know many of us turn to our favourite festive movies. With happy stories about family, love and Santa there’s no better way to get yourself ready for Christmas!

Here are my top five Christmas films that I’ll be watching this season and I think you should too:

Love Actually is one of my favourite films of all time, let alone favourite Christmas film! It’s such a heartwarming, lovely celebration of all kinds of love from romantic to family to friendship. It’ll make you laugh, cry and overall just appriciate the people you have in your life right now.

I remember going to see this film in Reception, as part of a school trip, and I’ve loved it ever since. I know we’ve all seen it a million times but it’s a classic that I love to come back to every year. It’s another heartwarming, funny film (my favourite kind) and the Grinch, although he’s a bit creepy, only seems to become more and more relatable as I get older!

This is my all-time favourite Christmas film and one I try to watch every year. It’s such a lovely film about the magic of Christmas and as a kid (who am I kidding? As an adult too!) getting to see this version of the North Pole, Santa and the elves makes me feel so festive and excited.

Are you getting the fact that I really enjoy funny films? This one is a favourite in my household and it never fails to make me belly-laugh. It’s such a cute film about a father trying to make his son’s Christmas by getting him the most sought-after toy. This is one I feel like all parents can relate to! It’s a silly film that is guaranteed to make you giggle.

I was obsessed with this film series when I was younger (probably too young to be watching it, to be fair). The final in the series, this film is based around the dogs in the family instead of the babies. As a fan of cheesy comedy, dogs and John Travolta (Grease is the word) this film fills me with nostalgia and still makes me laugh today.

What’s your favourite Christmas film? Also, how did you like those throwback trailers?!

Speak soon,


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