It’s Difficult #3: The Response

(This is a follow up post. You can read the other parts here and here to get the gist of the story)

As with most things in my life, I like to ask for other people’s opinions. This is either to prove to myself that I’m not alone or just because I’m a curious person and I like to hear what people have to say.

So for this whole topic of the internet, social media and the way we use it I turned to two of the most popular platforms to see what people had to say.


For the first time I used the Twitter Poll thing (it was a revelation, let me tell you!) and I was fairly surprised by the responses.

Twitter Poll.png

As you can see a majority of people said they would be able to go without the internet, then the next large group was not sure. I honestly believed more people would say no but I do think that my use of the word ‘addicted’ might have thrown some people of voting that way. No one wants to think they have a problem, do they?

But still, there’s a surprisingly high number of people claiming they would be able to do it.


Facebook was pretty much the same story, with a whooping 80% of all the responses I got were from people claiming they could do it. Many even had some experience in being internet free:


Other people claimed that although they enjoyed the internet, there were other things to do and therefore would be able to be without it for a day:


(Side note: you are not sad if you like to read)

Some were pretty honest about the whole thing:


I feel like this is the one most of us can relate to. We’d all probably be able to get through a full day, but as I said in my previous post why shouldn’t we use the tools if we have them?

There was a response that reminded us of our forgotten, old fashioned values:

Facebook Yes Response 6 Old.jpg

Then there were the nos. I have picked two that explained themselves the best, but to be honest there wasn’t many ‘no’ results to pick from. The majority, surprisingly, were pretty confident in their ability to go internet free.

This response demonstrates how important the internet has become to us and is something I’m sure many can understand:



(Note her use of an emoji to show how weird it is that the internet is such an ever present force in our lives. It’s kind of odd when you properly think about it)

As for my final response I’m going to share with you, it once again shows how vital the internet is to our lives (it keeps us connected, it helps us)  and what it can be like when you no longer have it:


She seems pretty traumatised by the whole thing, bless her.


So the majority of people asked did think they could go 24 hours without the internet. Those who had previously, claimed that it was because they were busy, around friends or exploring another area meaning they didn’t miss or require the internet. Which makes sense, of course.

But on a day to day basis I feel like the internet is a vital tool and one that would be quite hard to go without now we’ve gotten so used to it. Although there are other outlets for communication, education and entertainment the internet offers us all of these and is always available.

Although we may rely on it too much, the internet is an integral tool in our modern lives and I feel like we should all make more of an effort to take a break but overall let’s get rid of the guilt we have when it comes to being online a lot.


This post is a part of a university assignment I was set. This is the final one of a three part post regarding the internet, social media and other people’s views. Normal service will continue on this blog throughout these posts. Cheers for you patience and stick around for regular posts.

Speak soon,


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