My No Buy Rules | The ONE Thing 2020

My last post was an announcement about the project I’m going to be working on in 2020.

Now, this may seem a bit early to be  announcing things for the new year, but a no buy is something I’ve been considering for ages. I finally decided to stop beating around the bush and actually commit to this goal which is going to make such a difference in my life.

Once that was decided, I simply couldn’t wait to share it with my blog.

A no buy is something that will look difference for everyone based on your habits, your issues and your needs. These are the rules I have come up with for myself in order to improve my life in 2020.

I’m publishing my rules and other information about this challenge so I can be held accountable by my small audience and anyone else who reads these posts. Failure is simply not an option for me with this challenge and it helps to know that I’m being watched in some way.


  1. NO makeup
  2. NO clothing (including accessories, like jewellery, scarfs, and bags as well as socks and underwear)
  3. NO homeware (including books and stationary)
  4. NO skincare (including face masks and body items like lotions or scrubs)

These are my main problem areas when it comes to shopping and I have more than enough in each category to keep me going for the foreseeable future.

I want to be able to use this no buy year as a chance for me to actually take stock of what I own and use it all joyfully, because this is something I never have time for – or rather, never make time for.


I’m not allowed to buy anything from the aforementioned categories unless they need to be replaced.

Replacements are accepted during my no buy year but this only applies to things I actually ‘NEED’; for example, if I run out completely of the daily moisturiser I use or I somehow fill out every single notebook I own.

If I do run out of something and decide that it is needed then I’m able to buy one replacement.


One of my big aims throughout my no buy year is to save money and develop better financial habits, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be spending any money at all throughout 2020.

Although I’m not allowed to buy things from the chosen categories, some purchases will be allowed. These are:

  • Subscriptions

Such as Kindle Unlimited, Spotify and Skillshare, are accepted if required and are used regularly enough to warrant the payment. This is something that will be determined at the end of the free trials I currently have running.

I will also be allowed to repurchase a subscription throughout the year if it has been cancelled and I decide I want it for a spell (ie. I have a KU reading list or a new album comes out that I want to listen to on Spotify)

  • Health purchases

My prescriptions and vitamins are both required and accepted. I will be able to repurchase vitamins once they have been used up if I feel like they are improving my life.

I’m also allowing myself to purchase a new pair of glasses at the beginning of the year and this is something which can be done throughout the year should I need a new prescription or something drastic happens

  • Experiences

These are not only accepted but encouraged during my no buy. I will be able to purchase experiences of any kind whether that is a holiday or an event, no matter where it is or who it is with.

I will also accept travel payments for experiences as this is essential – this also includes the bus fare or train fare I pay to see my partner and friends in another town or travel into my own home town for an experience.

  • Tattoos And Piercings

These are accepted as I consider them to be an experience.

I got my first tattoo last month and I’m obsessed. I would love to be able have different pieces of art on my body to commemorate an event, a feeling or simply just because I like it.

  • Food

This can also be considered to be an experience if it is being shared with other people (ie. a coffee date or going to a restaurant with family).

  • Beauty Treatments

Getting my nails done, getting a haircut or any other beauty treatment that can be done at a salon or shop is accepted.

Once again this is considered to be an experience and is a part of my grooming routine so it is valid.

  • Work Essentials

This is less likely to crop up as I work from home and mainly online, but if I do need printer ink, new chargers or anything that can seriously effect my work then these can be purchased when needed to be replaced.


During my no buy year I will be actively trying not to obtain anything new or bring any more stuff into my life. However, I do have to contend with my birthday in March and Christmas again this time next year so gifts and gift cards will be accepted.

I will try to ask for gifts from my loved ones based on things I need, such as used-up items. Any money received can go into savings or used towards an experience. I don’t often receive gift cards, but if I do these can be used to buy replacements or gifts for other people as this is still accepted.

It is also important for me to note that I will be able to purchase a replacement early, such as when I’m down to a week supply of vitamins or have less than a third of product left, to save anxiety and last minute panic-buying.

These may be feelings that are controlled and addressed in my no buy year, but I still want to cover all basis in my rules.

There we have it! These are the rules I’m going to be living by for the next 12 months.

I’m super excited and motivated at the moment because I want to see how not shopping effects various aspects of my life. I hope you choose to stick around or even come on this journey with me.

Speak soon,


Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash





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