Conscience – May, Myself And I #16

May 16: Conscience


the inner sense of what is right or wrong in one’s conduct or motives, impelling one toward rightaction


I used to think that everyone has a conscience and some part of me still likes to think this is true.

However, last night me and my best friend finally watched Extremely Wicked, Shocking Evil And Vile and it seems pretty obvious that Ted Bundy for one didn’t have a conscience. That guy showed no remorse for anything he had done – it was almost like he didn’t understand that he had done something wrong in the first place.

As someone who is very much into true crime (I know, I’m so basic) I have seen time and time again that not everyone has a conscience. Or at least, they don’t have a conscience like mine.

I seem to make up for a lot of people, as I have a very guilty conscience. I’m someone who constantly feels guilty for things I have done or said – even if it was years ago. Sometimes I find myself feeling guilty for something someone else has done which is just daft.

I think the most interesting thing about a conscience is the fact that there is no right one. Everyone has their own ideas about what is right or wrong, which will be determined by a range of lifestyle or genetic things.

I am by no means qualified to talk about anything like this and I really don’t have a clue what I’m talking about – but I find it so interesting!

I think it is so interesting just how different we all are from each other and how we really don’t know much about how humans work, even though we think we do.

I don’t have anything profound to say for this one. I think just listen to your conscience and your intuition as much as you can – you know yourself best, after all.

Unless you’re a serial killer, then you should just ignore your urges!

There isn’t much I could say about today’s topic because I am so uneducated on the subject. This kind of stuff interests me greatly though, even if I don’t understand much about it!

Speak soon,


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