3 Challenges I’m Setting Myself In 2019 | BECOMING BETTER

Christmas hasn’t even arrived, yet feels as though everyone is already preparing for the new year.

If you’re like me – nerdy, an organisation fanatic and (alright I’ll admit it) a bit of a perfectionist – then this time of year can be so much fun. There’s nothing better than a fresh start and the new year is the ultimate fresh start; the cleanest of slates.

I love reflecting and trying new things, so as you can imagine my brain is going mad right now. I’m constantly thinking about all of the events of 2018 – trying to decipher what when well for me this year and what certainly needs to change in 2019.

Like last year, I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself and try to make the new year perfect because that never works for me. But I have come up with some challenges that I want to work on and complete throughout 2019.

I thought I’d share them with you today to potentially inspire you for the new year.


If you’ve been here before, then you know I am a massive reader. I managed to get my mojo back in the latter months of 2018 and reading is once again my favourite pastime.

In order to diversify my reading and to finally get through the huge pile of unread books I have on myself, I want to challenge myself to reading 5 classics throughout 2019.


Money is the main thing I want to focus on in 2019. After being unemployed for a short period this year, money has been something I have been constantly thinking about.

Being without money in 2018 made me realise how many bad spending habits I have. For 2019 I am going to organise myself a budget, set up some automated direct debits and get saving. I am entering 2019 as a freelancer so working on my income, saving and spending really needs to be a priority.


Throughout 2018 I have been trying to become better. I have made a commitment to myself to only buy and use cruelty-free makeup (check out my posts about that here) and I really want to take some steps towards making my wardrobe more ethical too.

The next step now then surely is my diet. Now I am not in a position to become a full-time vegetarian, but I would like to challenge myself to maybe having meat-free Mondays or a full month of no-meat.

Not only is this good for the environment (and therefore my guilt!) but will also force me to eat more veggies and mix up my meals.

What do you want to try in 2019?

If you have any other challenges I could try, or any tips on how to make what I’ve set for myself easier (especially with the budgeting!) then please let me know.

All the best friends!

Speak soon,


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