Six Badass Babes You Need Advice From | What I’m Reading Wednesday

For a period of time all I read were self – help books. I can’t remember what one got me started, but I was hooked within no time. I really enjoy getting advice from others and a particular favourite mentor is a woman who is slightly older than me.

Books can be an amazing way to get advice and find inspiration to change things up. I often turn to reading when I need some answers or I’m simply looking for some reassurance. Here are six awesome books by some badass women that will change your life, for sure:


Sarah Millican is my all time favourite comedian and I couldn’t wait to pick up her book. It’s a memoir about her childhood and her career so far, but interspersed with advice and life lessons. It’s a lovely, cosy, reassuring read!

The best lesson: There is nothing wrong with the hobbies, ideas and routines I have. Just because I do things differently doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Heavily inspired my post about accepting my boring personality.


I adore Laura Jane Williams and all the things she posts on Instagram. I think she is a wonderfully intelligent, witty and approachable writer and this book came to me at the right time in my life. It’s a self – help book about slowing things down and deals with Laura’s recovery from a burn out.

The best lesson: Stripping things back to basics is the best way to recover. Inspired by the behaviours of children and how they don’t overthink things, being kind and excited about as much as you can (including yourself) is a better way to live life.


I’ve already talked about this book multiple times on this blog, and it is probably one of my most influential reads ever. This was my first venture into feminism and Caitlin is such a funny and accessible author it was an absolute joy to learn with her.

The best lesson: There is nothing wrong with you or the way your body is. This whole book is an exploration into the ‘secrets’ women kept, such as periods and masturbation, and hearing other people talk and joke about these things makes you feel so safe and accepted.


This is one of the most recent reads on this list and it is massively helping me in my recovery from mental health issues. Brene talks a lot about vulnerability and shame and how to simply accept whatever emotions you are feeling, in order to be able to deal with them more effectively.

The best lesson: That in order to truly love yourself you must accept all parts of you. Even those things that you may have been ashamed about in the past, the various different versions of you – all of it adds up to make who you are today and you should be proud.


If you don’t already follow Megan (aka bodyposipanda) on Instagram then I don’t really know what you’re doing with yourself. Megan is an absolute goddess and holds all the wisdom to accepting and loving your body, regardless of shape, size and even health.

The best lesson: Your body is not, and has never been the issue. By looking into the way this society has always treat bodies that are not slim, we can be finally start make changes for a better future. Education is empowering and will result in self love.


I have explored spirituality a lot this year and it is certainly something that has helped me in dark moments. This book is a really easy read and Rebecca has such a comforting tone throughout. It’s a beginners guide to intuition and soul work and it is guaranteed to make you see things differently.

The best lesson: There is great power in simplicity. The key to knowing yourself and unlocking your power is simply listening and being in tune with yourself and the world around you.

Currently Reading

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Last night I started reading The Selection by Kiera Cass, which is a YA trilogy that I’ve heard so much about online. I picked up the first book a long time ago for just over a quid at a charity shop and then, while out pottering last weekend, managed to get the rest of the series for very cheap.

I’m proper in the mood for some cheesy, classic YA and this one so far is giving me exactly what I want! Let’s hope I continue to enjoy it!

What are you currently reading?

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