Another Five Feisty Female Anthems For Your Friday Night

It’s nearly the weekend and as many of you prepare for a wonderful night out with your girlfriends I’ve done the running around and organised your perfect playlist. It’s sassy, upbeat and all about the girls- you’re welcome.

NO: Meghan Trainer

In a similar tone to the Pink song I mentioned in my other post, this one is all about telling those boys where to go. I’m sure any girl who’s ever been on a night out can relate and sadly it doesn’t look like those creeps will stop anytime soon. So for the meantime we have wonderfully sassy songs like this one to belt out while we’re getting ready and thinking about us.

ME AND MY GIRLS: Selena Gomez

This song highlights how wonderful a girls night out can be. When you’re all looking good and feeling fabulous you can’t help but boost each other’s moods and make yourselves feel like freaking Queens. This is the perfect one to sing together as you have a couple before the night really begins.


This song is pretty stupid, but it’s sassy and so carefree that I had to put it in this list. Although I don’t totally like the whole ‘put other girls down’ situation that could be happening here, I think the way it promotes being free and happy within yourself is something everyone needs to hear before a night out. It reminds us that we don’t need to ‘do too much’ to look good and I know I need to hear that sometimes, so you might too.

HAIR: Little Mix

I am obsessed with both this song and the video at the moment. It’s another great one about female friendships and how much they matter. Okay, so the focus is on getting over a breakup but as it’s so upbeat and feisty I don’t see how it won’t get you in the mood for a night out. And if you happen to be going through a breakup, then it’ll work even more!

WILDFIRE: Demi Lovato 

This one is a lot slower than the other ones, but Demi’s tone is so sensual throughout  that I guarantee it’ll make you feel so calm and sexy. As much as I love a night out and although getting ready is my favourite part I do find myself becoming quite stressy and anxious during it all and this song is just perfect for helping me calm down but still puts me in the right, confident, frame of mind to head out and have a fabulous night.

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend whatever you end up doing. If you think I’ve missed an amazing anthem from this list then please let me know.

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