Four Chilling Reads For A Rainy Day

Even though it’s summer the weather just doesn’t want to cooperate. So on the likely event of a rainy day, I’m going to recommend four books that are perfect for curling up with and forgetting the world for a few hours.

For a rainy day I like to pick books that are gripping, to keep me entertained for as long as the rain holds out, with chilling story lines or issues to match the murky grey skies. And these four offer just that.

THE BOOK THIEF: Markus Zusak

edited Thief.jpg
“Here is one small fact: you are going to die”

Set in Nazi Germany and narrated by Death this book is definitely chilling and gripping! It follows the story of nine-year-old Liesel, who steals books, and her family and neighbours as the bombs begin to fall and their lives turn to chaos.

This book is so descriptive and atmospheric that you feel as though you too are in the middle of war-torn Germany, fearing for your life. Basically, it’s perfect for a grey, dull day.


Edited Heights.jpg
“A most melancholy voice sobbed, “Let me in- let me in!”

I had to read this book during my A-Levels and fell in love. Everyone will be aware of the crazy, dark love story been Cathy and Heathcliff but for me it’s the setting that really makes it.

Set in the middle of the Yorkshire Moors where it’s always raining or snowing this book is the perfect rainy day read. It’s guaranteed that you’ll hate all the characters but it won’t stop you falling right into the story and becoming hooked. It’s so dark, spooky and is honestly one of the best-written books I’ve ever read.


Edited Sister.jpg
“I counted six girls and seven boys and my new teacher made me sit next to the only Muslim in the school”

Unlike the others, this book is chilling in a modern way and deals with very real issues that are so relevant right now. Our narrator is ten-year old Jamie who’s sister was killed in a terrorist attack and now lives in an urn on the mantelpiece.

This books covers so many issues regrading terrorism and prejudice that I’m sure we will all recognise. As it’s told through a child’s perspective, it’s so unflinchingly earnest and blunt, which is sometimes what we need when it comes to this topic. It’s guaranteed to break your heart and then mend it again all in one sitting.

NEVER LET ME GO: Kazuo Ishiguro

Edited Never.jpg
“None of you will go to America, none of you will be film stars… Your lives are set out for you.”

This is such a strange book and if I’m being honest kind of a tough one to get into, but once you do it’ll stay with you forever.

In a tale of friendship, loss and heartbreak we follow three friends throughout their childhood in an exclusive boarding school in the middle of the countryside. The children are constantly reminded that they are “special” but they don’t understand how. As an adult, our narrator looks back at her childhood and begins to discover exactly what made her so “special” and how it will shape the rest of her time.

It’s so chilling and heartbreaking and will definitely make you have some late night discussions on what is the “right thing”.

Edited All.jpg

I hope you liked these recommendations! Let me know if you’ve read any of these before and what your favourite rainy day reads are.

Speak soon,


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