Goodbye First Year, Hello Blog!

As my first year of university draws to a close and all the stress, anxiety and excitement floods in, I’ve finally pushed myself to write my first post. The idea of starting a blog has been something on my mind for a long time now but, like most things nowadays, has just stayed there. Other things seem to have gotten in the way or I’d lose inspiration or I just wasn’t sure if I actually had anything to say. And I’m still not sure, to be honest. But you’ve caught me in a rare mood of optimism and so here I am.

It’s such a cliché to say but time flies so fast. Seriously, my first year of university is over but I feel as though I only moved out yesterday. I can remember everything: the sick, nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach; the fear of leaving my family home to live with strangers; the pure excitement at finally getting to this moment that I had worked towards for so long (I know, cheesy right? Blame the education system!). But now that’s all over and time is ticking. I’m making this sound so dramatic, even though I’ll be back in September and everything will start again then, but I can’t help but feel like it is the end.

Uni hasn’t been 100% joy and happiness for me. For the most part, there’s been a lot of stress, tears and just an overall unsure tone to the year (more on that later). But I have had fun and met some amazing people and grew in so many ways that I don’t think I’m fully aware of yet.

There’s still so many more things for me to experience and go through and although I know that not all of them will be good, I’m excited.

Oh God, this is so sickeningly optimistic isn’t it? I’m sorry.

I know this post is pretty basic and dull but it’s just the starting bit; my jumping off point. I have so many plans for this blog and I’m hoping that you’ll stick by me and see how it all goes.

Speak soon,


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